Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Objects of Interest/Part 2/The letterboard

I was once lucky enough to be given a tour of the Garrick Club in London's Covent Garden. It's a members only establishment where one has to be recommended for membership by 2 other members. If any of the other members of the Garrick black ball you then your chances of joining are cancelled out. Richard the doorman gave me a tour of the premises one afternoon and showed me everything from the Gentleman's only cocktail bar to the basement kitchens, but what really caught my eye was the green felt letter board by the entrance. I asked if I could come back and photograph it and very kindly he agreed. Myself and my photographer friend Panos came back the next week and took this image, the letters are my own bought from Covent Garden's Monday antique market.
I like the idea of having one of these in my own home. Maybe in the hall way just below the giant moose's head which I would naturally use as an umbrella and scarf stand.
There's something quite sophisticated about filing away an unwanted water bill on this decadent piece of wall furniture.
Thanks again Richard and Panos.

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