Wednesday, 26 January 2011

In my head I have an imaginary shop and this is what it sells.

1) vintage toy car cactus pots

2) limited edition luggage

3) swedish rugs

4) imperial typewriter

5) paintings by billy childish

6) reclaimed fabrics

7) paketa watches

8) industrial furniture

9) prints by sergei sviatchenko

10) dursley pedersen bicycle

11) african textiles

12) victoria albert watch chains

13) contempary furniture

14) smiths' posters

15) first addition books

16) paintings by rosalie tranne

17) retro leather cycling shoes

18) classic furniture upholstered in african cloth

19) beatles memrobelia

Location: TBC
Opening times: TBC
All Welcome.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sergei Sviatchenko/Spring/Summer 11 + Etiquette for the Modern Classicist

1) Slim cut suits with short cut trousers go along way

Buy a pair of wingtips and loafers

The Beatles sir, listen to them - and do so regularly


Owning at least 3 oxfords shirts has never done a man any harm

Be a gentleman towards women

Own several ties - n.b. Four-in-hand knots only - mix things up with a bow tie


Watch all movies by Andrei Tarkovsky. Re-watch them.

Always consider a well-fitting navy blazer with gold buttons.

Serge Gainsberg looked smarter in a trench coat and so do you.

Own a classic cashmere v-neck and a crew-neck pull-over.

Khaki classic chinos are as essential as they are basic.
Choose your pair meticulously.

Cherish a good relationshio with your parents.


Sometimes looking at a nice black and white photo of your grandfather
as a young man wearing his Sunday-suit can learn you more about style
than reading 20 fashion magazines.


A watch - you do own one do you? should be flat, vintage and have a leather band.


Be punctual.

Ray-Ban sunglasses matter.


Stay current.


Trust the classics.