Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Houses: 2

It's only a matter of time before the owner's of this beautiful house in New Cross put a restraining order on me. Every time I pass I just can't help but stare longingly at their property. The windows are all painted in a gloss letterbox red and inside their hangs chandeliers from the ceiling and contempary oil paintings from the walls. I'm guessing the owner is a artist of some sort as the basement is set up as a studio and stacks of large canvas paintings rest against the walls. Also note the two rabbits that guard the front door and the child's note that rather crookedly deters any junk mail.

It's rare that you come across such well thought out houses these days. With large buildings being divided up to sell or rent, there seems a lack of ownership in tenant's properties. Being able to own a building of this size and maintain it's standards is a job in itself, if the outside is so impressive I couldn't even begin to guess what's inside.

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