Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Umbrella Man

It's an all too often sight in this day and age.
When the weather turns typically British and the heavens open, you will notice how a well dressed individual can suddenly be relegated in the fashion stakes to a walking faux pas.
Telescopic, flimsy or golf umbrellas appear from nowhere to down grade and ruin perfectly thought out outfits...
Sound a bit dramatic? I don't think so.

If you're going to make all that effort with your daily appearance then why let your standards slip when water starts falling from the sky, surely this should be the time to capitalise on other people's short sightedness.

Try Fox umbrellas for truly elegant and sophisticated examples. They stock their product online, or through Huntsman and Gieves & Hawkes on Savile Row.

Only thing you now need to remember is not to leave it on the bus!







Images 5-8 show how investing in these fine crafted accessories won't just ensure you stay well turned out and dry. Hanging from a moose's head or planted in a pocelin vase by the front door, it's that traditional touch you should always try to find, but more importantly it's a stern nod to an ever glowing craft.

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